About Us

So, the story unfolds like this.
I’m a working mom of 2 and also a salaried worker slave.
My working hour is very long, 7am-6pm with no lunch break.
I get home exhausted but my day doesn’t end until my kids are asleep.
I love my kids and I know that I also need to love myself to finish this long marathon of parenting, with gold.
There are many ways to maintain a good balance between loving/taking care of kids unconditionally and living a life of a woman with her own name/identity.
To me, one of the ways is investing in products that make parenting more efficient. It helped me set aside some time for me-session and thus happy parenting, happy kids.
I would then share these tips with my mommy friends and order the products together from Korea. I love sharing all the goodness and seeing them satisfied. Afterall, don’t all the mothers share this sense of camaraderie?
This is how Momfy started, to share all the goodness with you, to make your motherhood more comfortable, to help you spare some time for yourself.
I am going to share with you products that I have used personally and adored so much. So there is a personal touch in my curation.
My fellow moms, just relax.
Momfy will deliver.